Awareness & Employment opportunities


Lack of awareness is one of the major reasons why many rural people especially farmers are stripped of their opportunities. Farmers lack training and are not aware of the latest farming techniques. They don’t even know what is the best pesticide to use or the ideal price to sell their farm product. They are manipulated and wasted by the more influential people in the society. Similarly, handloom weavers, artisans and many other skilled people are missing opportunities due to lack of awareness. In order to address these issues, Aasara came up with the following activities over the years.

  • We conducted various training session and educated the farmers on the basic things such as the use of pesticides, the latest technologies and techniques in farming, what time to grow which crop, etc.
  • Intensive sessions have been conducted for cotton growing farmers. These sessions created awareness about the right use of techniques for effective cotton output. Also, farmers were trained on how to deal with cotton distributors and not get manipulated.
  • Aasara always fought for the handloom weavers. Mr Shiva Shanker, the founder of Aasara, worked as the chairman of the Handloom workers welfare society. Aasara, under Mr Shanker’s guidance, fought many peaceful agitations in Indira park- Hyderabad and Jantar Mantar-Delhi for the welfare of handloom workers.

In addition to this, Aasara always is on the lookout for providing employment opportunities.

  • Aasara provided identified several low-scale employment opportunities in government hospitals such as office boys, cleaners, assistants, etc. We trained the unemployed people in the rural areas to fit these jobs and provided them with the opportunities.
  • We worked closely with Apollo Med skills organization and trained unemployed youth which thereby led to employment.
  • We conducted several training sessions on pottery and helped people start their own businesses.
  • We powered women with necessary training and created employability to them. We offered free training materials and classes to learn new skills that open up opportunities for women.

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