Health Awareness Programs


A major emphasis has been laid on health by Aasara foundation. In order for a society to progress and prosper it is important that all people have access to proper medical services and stay healthy. It is not surprising that most of our rural communities lack basic medical facilities and suffer from diseases and lack of medicalĀ attention. It is one of the most pressing issues and Aasara is trying its best in our own little way to affect a positive change. Some of the medical health camps and activities we initiated are-

  • In Munugodu region, Aasara foundation treated more than 300 fluorosis affected patients are with dental surgeries.
  • All the age old people in this region were provided with walking sticks.
  • In 2009, when Munugodu was struck with drought, Aasara provided every home with a drum of pure drinking water. We also constructed mineral water plants in the constituency to help deal with water issues in the summer season.
  • Over 100 plus health camps and 250 eye surgeries have been conducted across the region over the years.
  • We collaborated with the Art Of Living Foundation and have been organizing yoga day events since last 3 years. We preach the importance of yoga and create awareness to the society.


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