Self Sustainability for Women


Women are the strong pillars of our family and thereby for the society as well. It is important for our women to be self-sustainable and not rely on others for their livelihood. Aasara considers this as a major issue and always strives to empower women.  There are many women in rural areas who are intelligent and responsible but are confined to their houses. Aasara urges to train such women and many more who are enthusiastic to learn new things and make them as independent women. So here are some of the activities we conducted for women empowerment.

  • Encouraged women to participate in karate training sessions for their self-defence and protection.
  • On Jan 3, 2018, we felicitated and awarded the state level “Poole award” to women who excelled in various fields of social service and to teachers who enlightened the society with their teaching.
  • In order to eradicate the killing of babies( especially girls) in a mother’s womb even before their birth, we conducted several cultural programs in rural areas to create awareness about the importance of a girl child to the society.
  • We encouraged rural women to understand the importance of sanitary napkins and trained them to start their own manufacturing of napkins and thereby creating employment opportunities for them.
  • We conducted several training sessions and distributed several study materials to women and encouraged them to pursue higher forms of education.

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